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Nine Million Bicycles In Beijing 73x60cms

Basket Seller Fez 40x40cms

Catching Up In Tangier 40x40cms

Cigarette seller Casablanca 40x40cms

Direct Line To God, Ulaanbataar 30x90cms

Eating Cheese In Siberia 27x35cms

Marrakesh Corner 40x40cms

McDonalds Moscow 40x30cms

Overweight China Mongolian Border 65x46cms

St. Basil's, Red Square 65x50cms

Sugar Cubes, China Mongolian Border 72x60cms

The Great Wall, China 54x65cms

Waiting In Casablanca 40x40cms

Waiting On The Train In Mongolia 40x60cms

Walking Through The Souk, Tangier 40x40cms

Travelling has been in my blood for many years.

The diversity of human culture and history are fascinating to me.  I have travelled to quite a few countries on different continents and have tried to record images that have struck me as notable.

Normally I take photographs to record the moment as it happens with the idea to work on paintings afterwards. Other times I do quick, on the spot sketches and leave them as they are without working them up. I still have many photographs that I haven't used as painting subjects over the years. Perhaps this year I will get more of a chance to.