The TJ MILES Website

Racing Before The Storm 40x40cms

Taking The Lead 40x40cms

A Valued Insight 25x30cms

At Rest 40x40cms

Checking The Pots 40x40cms

I Can See Why 10x40cms

It Might Be Rough Coming Back 100x44cms

Looking Through The Nets 20x25cms

Moonlit Reflections 120x40cms

Racing For The Mark 200x70cms

White Horses 40x40cms

Heading For Home 40x40cms

Pleased To See You 40x40cms

No More Today 40x40cms

Closing The Shore Fast 40x40cms

Sunday Rest 40x40cms

For All To See 30x40cms

Turning Turtle 20x25cms

With A Need To Paint 20x28cms

A Calm Viewpoint 20x28cms

My signature range of paintings.

Even though I live and work in the mountains in southern Spain, Ireland and the sea are still in my blood.  My collectors will recognise my iconic style easily.

Although I may diversify with styles and content in my artworks, I will always return to what I know and enjoy best.