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Latest published poetry

Here is a poem that features in my second book of images and poems.  If you purchase one of the paintings pictured within it you will receive a copy of the book as a provenance.    

Ceol na mara (part I)

Relentless! Waves bring pitch and roll,
all the holds are thrown asunder.
The sea gods tussle with our souls
and attempt to pull us under.

The opening mouth of the bay
swallows us with wanton hunger.
“We're turning back again.” they say,
as the winds grow ever stronger.

Between the headlands, we pass through
the portals of poseidon's lair.
The idealistic angle slew
the water, just like lover's hair.

Coming to shore on a Friday!
Aye, 'twas the best feeling of all.
We'd raced for home and now could say
a fond farewell to one and all.

Congeniality between
cultures often brings a feeling
of warmth and welcome to a scene,
that melts a heart long past concealing.

All boats are resting for the day.
Toil stopped while wind and wave go on.
Each has his own place, here, to stay
'cept I, the blow in, has no-one.

Ceol na mara (part II)

Sounds drift through air in distant rhymes.
It marks the gathering, for sure
a night of laughter, dancing lines.
I go to see just what's in store.

She sat there drinking rose wine
on that fine, warm summer's evening.
Reflected eyes shone back to mine
and the time got me to thinking.

I sidled up, all casual, like.
I had ne'er a word to inspire.
Truth be told, I had no control
and was drawn, like a moth to fire.

We sat and talked, the talk of love,
with a kind of conversation
borne out of need. A web we wove
in entangled desperation.

A valued insight into love
and all that love itself entails
and asks each one of us to prove
our worthiness to set those sails,

but, long stays ashore gnaw away
and chew into your heart. It's true,
running up costs still eat your pay
as sure as love can swallow you.

Ceol na mara (part III)

The high tide beckoned me, “Return
from whence you came, and trouble nay
this woman. Lest her eyes that burn
shall scorch your soul and blind your way.”

I joined the crew with ne'er a wave
and my journey barely started.
A silent assembly I craved,
as memories departed.

As I head back down the west coast,
recall once more her silken hair.
No, this is not a time to boast,
Nor is it one for men to share.

I think of her still, and wonder
if she waits for me by harbour wall.
randomly less thoughts grow fonder
in waking hours. In sleep I fall

in love again with velvet lips
and lose myself in arms so soft.
Each night I still retrace my steps
and return unto that little croft.

I have a want to leave this lea.
'Ceol na mara' hums in my ear.
She sings, the music of the sea,
“You know your destiny is here.”